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America needs to have a conversation.  Not about who deserves something and who doesn’t.  It’s not about whether Cliven Bundy deserves to graze his cattle on the land of his fathers,  But whether he has the right to stand up for himself.  America needs to have a conversation.  Not about wether Officer Darren Wilson has the right to defend himself,  But whether one American has more rights than another.  America need to have a conversation my brothers.  Not about whether I am my “brother’s keeper,” but whether God will honor us for being brothers.  America needs to have a conversation.   Not about whether our government has all the answers,  But whether we’ll have a conversation with the One who does have all the answers,  And to choose love instead of hate.  It’s time to have a conversation.  Pray For America

Pray for America - Jon McNaughton

  • 11 x 17 unmatted

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